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I am trying to reach out to all the relatives and friends I had deserted over years for my cheating GF. The road is not smooth. They all have their own lives and priorities. But it feels good to hear their responses. They are not like jumping into save me, but at least they are talking and listening. I am fighting within myself everyday to make sure that I do not think of my GF who is constantly cheating on me and bullying me. A part of me still is feeling weak for her. But I promised to myself that I can no longer run this charade. And so I am focusing on myself.
Pray for me. I hope I can recover from this trauma.

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I DID THE SAME MISTAKE! I had stopped talking to my closest friends because of my boyfriend because I was so engrossed and obsessed with him. After we broke up, I re-connected with all of my friends. It did take some time and effort, but I got them back. Old bonds never just break and you will definitely be able to get through with your relatives and friends as well. It’s so wonderful that you are focusing on yourself. So proud of you!

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Yaar mereko bhi attention chahiye. Kya post karoon ? ;)
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