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I am trying to be brave and in peace every time. But when it comes to night if a dog barks I am just feeling somuch fear senses in my body making me to think someone is coming and feeling very fear. I am facing everyday this issue. I am unable to sleep properly. I am feeling tense and fear everyday

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Rahul patel @rahulpatel55

These problems are common. You don’t need to overthink. Just believe yourself that I am ready to face my fears. Only this will help you to come out of your fears. Every morning stand in front of mirror and say I am fearless


Tq for your suggestion

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nitish @vladdracula

face your fear it is the way to end it ☠️

G M @illusionist

As rahul said face your problems and its the only way to get a solution to your fear… If you fear of something try to find out what is the reason by facing strongly…


I am trying to be strong confident enough…but it’s not working out much time. I am unable to hold that continuosly…


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