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I am trying my best not to hate my father, he surely is a good person but when it comes to his family his actions are good for nothing. It is getting suffocating to live …want to scream but can’t.


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Maybe something suffocating him too…have you ever tried to ask why he’s behaving like this?


Yes I did…actually the problem is he never accepts his fault…what I hate about him is that he always looks down at us whenever we try to say anything especially when my mother says anything. Well I am trying and may be one day he will realize…I just don’t want to have any bad feelings towards him…never…I really wish my efforts will bring some good changes…

Well i don’t know how to help you but i do wish that your efforts might change something in a good way


U did help…may be something really is bothering him and now I will find what’s that…thank you 😄😄

I really don’t remember when i helped you, but your welcome.

I am no expert but my father behaves the same way as u expressed, please read about narcissistic personality disorder, many people have it and if he does and is willing, talk therapy helps as there is no medication for NPD.

Also I would not suggest you to find out more about what’s bothering your father, rather your mother should speak with him, alone.
He might not be comfortable speaking things to kids, my father never speaks to me about any of his worries, as most of his worries are created by him himself for which he doesn’t want to take the blame.


Understood…thank you!