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I am surprised to find this sub-category here. Wow. This website includes every aspect huh. Anyway, I just want to rant about how tough it is to be a vegan in India. People don’t understand, restaurants don’t comply and adjust. Nobody cares about what i want. When i was staying in new york for 4 years for my education, it was so much more easier. wish it was easier here as well.

Post anonymously?

hahahhahhaa I am as surprised as you are. and i totally relate to you. so so so true. people need to be more understanding about other’s preferances.


Oh we don’t face this issue here in the US. Plenty of vegan-friendly restaurants. Didn’t know India had this issue! I hope the situation gets better there


there are many restaurants in India too that does comply and adjust although I agree some of them don’t.


Amen! You’d think it would be harder abroad but people are a lot more judgmental here.