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I am suffering from very strange problem since some month. Actually, I am feeling inferior when I goes to talk with someone. From my beginning of my college days, I have so less friends and due to online education, I could not improve myself to become good communicator and good personality. When I return back to clg, I feel so bad that I could not match with people here. Always stay away from people, not because I don’t like to stay but due to my less interaction and talk. Then after I am taking too much stress about it. Because of that now I have putting myself into digof stress and most of the simple thing. If someone is talking , I couldn’t even consciously understand. I even coul not constantly talk with someone. Sometime forgetting what to say or could not explain. Now this problem makes me too tense and not able to find solution.

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EkKhoj @ek_khoj

You are not one who is a victim of lockdown do not get disheartened do not isolate and start with being part of the conversations and when there is some topic that you are interested in, jump into that conversation and slowly you can start.

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anuj @anujvohra

Don’t worry …it should be alright…take care.


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