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I am stressed
i was always a good students it was my dream to pursue my dream college IIT BOMBAY
but idk why since many months i have been wasting my time in watching korean dramas or something which is not beneficial for me as it waste a lot of my time.
i always regret of doing this and then decide not to do that again but it happens everytime with me i just cant stop it I cant tell my parents about as they really believe that i will secure a good all india rank i cant even tell my boyfriend or friend as i know they will down upon me
i cant stop my addiction i tried alot but i cant just stop it. i dont know what to do
please help me please suggest me what should i do !!!πŸ˜“

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Simran @st1199


For starters, have POSITIVE QUOTES around you. Mobile wallpaper, laptop wallpaper. Listen to motivational songs like from Lakshay movie (HAN YEHI RASTA HAI TERA…TUNE AB JANNA HAI…), Sanju Movie (KAR HAR MAIDAN FATEH…) and other movies as well.

Then, when you read/listen to those, remind yourself that you want your dream college IIT and once you get there, not only you but your parents and your friends will be proud of you. Till the time you don’t have it from the inside (from the core that you want this) you will not get any motivation.
If you loose this chance, Korean Drama will not give you any college whatsoever and you will be unhappy about what you did.

Addiction to anything can be controlled when you ACTUALLY want to overcome it. If the answer is Yes, you will with time but if its a NO then you will continue with these dramas and series.

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Never give up @ava


Can you restricted yourself if not then please end all of that make your approach to them, if you can manage your time then do that, make a timetable and obey it?


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