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I am stressed. I think a better word would be Overwhelmed. I’m part of four committees for my college one of them being SGA. I am an overachiever. I want no need things to be perfect. So today I took a math quiz. I have three other courses, my committee and my own student club to run. I had things to do and this quiz was in my way. Oh I took it all right. Thirty minutes to complete six questions and in those thirty minutes all I could think about was how much stuff I had to do. I had a major brain fog and I most likely will fail that quiz. I hate failing even if it gets you closer to succession.

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Hareet Narhan @hareetn


Hey there!
That sounds like a super heavy schedule! Have you tried journalling or using task lists? Scheduling in relaxation breaks throughout the day may help with feeling less overwhelmed and scheduling in specific times for studying or quizzes might help you focus on specific tasks at a time! Does this sound like something you would be interested in? 😁


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