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i am still feeling like shit. i really dont know what is going on either. my friend, is still ignoring me. i mean thats what ifeel lik. i think its somehow my fault. i did this. and i already apologized, but he keeps saying i didnt do anything, and yet he still dooesnt talk tme. what am i supposed to make of this. ik i should give them space. i am giving them space. but m brain keeps convincing methta he hates me and it is cause of i am annoying that he stopped talking to me. my overthinking is getting worse, and i hate it.

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For what it’s worth, I know your pain. You are not a burden, and you are worth the time and effort people give you, if not worth more. Sometimes people just need space, and it’s not a commentary on our relationship (romantic or friendship) with them, but eager something they just have to do. You are strong, and you deserve love and attention, and it will come.

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