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I am soooooo sad .
My heart is so broken that i can nit breath. It’s like someone is choking me…
And i feel lonely.
I knod that it will get better but i am so tired. I m tired as hell. And i can’t sleep. M trying to get better but i don’t know what’s wrong with me.


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Don’t worry. I think you’ve already identified the two most important things: (1) It is OKAY that you are feeling this, it is normal. (2) It is temporary. Don’t forget those two. Then, I think it might be good if you go with a mental health expert, for if you are having a depressive episode it will be way easier to get past it if you have the professionals fighting with you.
You feel lonely and that is real, no one can deny the way feel, however, try to identify people that you can reach out, really having only one person is more than enough. And I’m here, I care that you feel better. I care.


Hey, you’re gonna be okay! I feel the same. You’re so important, remember that!


What happened buddy?
Feeling better today?

Hey! What happened to you?
You’ll get better very soon ,it’s just a transient feeling. We all have it many times in our life ,don’t focus on it.
May be you are suffering any memory(past) or imagination (future) ,PRESENTLY you don’t reside in either of the Two.
So chill, live the present moment.
It is psychological that intelligence of human mind need an excuse to work against YOU.That is what exactly your mind is doing to you, don’t let your mind deteriorate your peace .
You are so precious, control your mind through your breath .That is the only way to control your mind. If you don’t feel like
doing anything then just focus on your BREATH and let your mind to come to your breath ,so that it NO longer live in past or future but only in Present.
Trust me ,you’ll feel better, just try it once.(Telling you with my experience)