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I am so tired, y’all.
Just purely exhausted. I just guessed my way through a 30 point exam so I could sleep afterwards. How can I improve my sleep and go through the day with more energy?

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Hey, I’ll share something that works for me. I go out for a 5 min jog. It tires me so much that I sleep within 10 mins of resting on the bed!

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Thank you so much! I usually go fall asleep by ten o’clock and wake up at 5-5:30. I think that I’m getting enough sleep but I suppose not!

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Simran @st1199

There are different ways in which people fall asleep. One of the methods is to read a book before sleeping. It tires your eyes and you would want to sleep. Another is which usually happens (for me too), I have my schedule so I tend to sleep when that time arises. For example- after lunch if I have been sleeping for an hour fir months, then I’ll sleep at that time. Our body adapts and starts working that way.
One more, people go for walk after dinner and then it’s said they have a Good Nights Sleep!

As you mentioned, you sleep for 7-71/2 hours, try to sleep for 8hrs or sleep in the day as well if you feel it’s less.

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seeker_sr @sravya

Hey, it is okay to guess through an exam. Hope you had a good sleep after that. I have myself been an insomniac and still, I am one. However, I sure can help with being active. Just because I am nocturnal, don’t assume that I don’t sleep, I have sound sleep during the odd hours. So, according to me, music is the therapy, it has an enigma of emotions to it, music for sleep, for concentration, for focus, and more. Maybe you can curate a playlist for your sleep.
I usually maintain a journal and think about the day that follows after I wakeup. It helps me plan and figure out stuff. When the figuring out part is sorted, I automatically stay focused and work with my dose of energy.
Hope it helps. Have a good day.


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