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I am so tired. He confessed to me and agreed to date xem but as soon as time passed he never tried to open up to me or understand me. He always try to seek comfort from someone else. I tried so many time to talk xem and ask to be honest with me but he never did. My grandma passed away, i was having a hard time and he broke up with me with an excuse “we are becoming toxic, let’s breakup and save ourselves” . He left when i needed xem the most. And now i see xem flirting, being lovey dovey and asking for cuddles to someone else when they said me they will never go in relation after me and claimed to love me but now i feel disgusted how he used for xem’s pleasure and left when it’s over. I can’t control my insecurities when see xem asking for cuddle, being lovey dovey etc… I honestly can’t feel myself anymore, i broke my every boundaries, every walls just for xem but he left me for someone else…i am so tired of it

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Introvert @lonelyguy19

Don’t be sad he not deserve you , don’t be harsh on yourself , life has some bad phase we should come out of it to make lofe better, iam also going through this phase we should stay strong,
Yes you feel pain, come out of it focus on other things get distracted, yes its difficult but keep trying, if feeling alone keep talking to others,
You life is in your hand keep improving you from past,


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