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Kierra Billups @ki3

I am so talented. Sometimes I feel like I’m not much, but in reality, I really am the shit.
I am an amazing artist. I draw so well. I’m great with rhymes-my poems be too fye. Writing poems really helps me get my emotions out. It’s my therapy and always makes me feel better, even when people don’t. I’m great with designing and sewing. That’s been a love of mine since being younger. I love doing my hair and continue on building that strength. I am soooo good at cheering and dancing. I love creating my own. Dancing makes me feel better as well. Sometimes we look towards the ones we love, THE ones we love, for that reassurance or that lift up we need. Sad to say, but that just isn’t a go-to all the time because when that person fails us it hurts tremendously and leaves us second-guessing ourselves. We have to love ourselves first and know that no matter how our significant other may act towards us in certain moments, we are worth it and that’s period.

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You’re amazing
And keep doing this

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Rishi v @xx_rishi

I would love to see your drawings 🌸


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