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I am so lost somewhere, confused, full of regrets, and sad about the past. I am hopeless about the future too. I really do not know what I am doing with my life. I hate everything that is happening. I keep over-thinking about small things. I keep worrying about things and my brain is never quiet. I feel depressed and cry suddenly I don’t know why. It feels like nothing can go right in my life. I am not actually a sentimental person before, but now I cry a lot more. I don’t know what am I gonna do.

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Hi dear one
Thank u for sharing
Thank u for opening up…
It is perfectly ok…
Past is over
Cannot be edited
So regrets will not do any good
Rather it will make things complicated
Invest ur energy on present
Just remember the lessons u have learnt from past
N implement in ur future n present
Donot repeat the same mistakes…

To overcome overthinking
Try putting ur mind into something more productive n purposive
Keep urself busy n occupied

Whenever u start thinking
Just divert ur mind

It is not that easy
But slowly slowly u will be able to control ur mind.

See worrying,taking stress or tension never helps
It only aggravates the problems
It has a toll on mental n physical health
So u pls focus more doing than thinking
Give ur best shot
Outcome is never in ur hand
Read,watch,listen to more of positive content…

God bless you dear.
All the very best…

Help urself out of this…


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