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I am so fed up with my parents. no matter who dies or who is not well or my mental situation they never stop even a single day looking for a match. I think they will be relaxed after getting rid of me as if I am some kind of virus in the house. Just last week a lot of drama happened because some stupid fucking idiot told if I do some ritual I will be getting married. Who the hell believes every random person walking on a street. Suppose if anyone who doesn’t even know me comes home and says if u do starving then you will get married my parents are ready to do it. At any cost I have to get married is their motto now. They invite random shit into my face to accept as my husband. If this continues and they may get married me to someone they like, they are definitely going to regret their motives now. Because I am never ever going to speak with them or share anything from now on because they don’t care too. The only thing they care right now is a lavish wedding to show off everyone how rich they are and how they spend money. No place to my feelings. How can i accept every damn person they bring as my husband. I have very patiently explained them by sitting next to them what is running in my mind, boom!!! no one really cares the very next hour they have sent me a picture of a boy and told they are coming to see me. I gave up all the hope they would understand me and I stopped talking to them in the way like I have stopped expressing my happiness or sadness with them. They are so involved that they neither noticed the change in my behavior nor they tried speaking to me. I pray to God sometimes even the worst person in the whole universe should never get such parents, Sometimes I feel orphans are more better than being with the one who only cares about themselves. Whatever they plan to do I don’t want to talk to them also I will not speak to them even after getting married. I will be like only a far distant cousin to them than being a daughter. When they need me as daughter, I will definitely be their to fulfill my duty but they are not my parents so I don’t even want to talk any shit to them openly. Is getting you daughter married to some guy that important to my parents. Yes go on you can get me married now also at the cost of loosing your own daughter. oh sorry you never been there for me always I am there only to make you proud by getting good marks, job etc. You are super happy when I got good marks, jobs but you are not happy when I reject a match you get me. Such a materialistic people who only cares about how I should be high in front of everyone not the feelings and aspirations of your children. They have always rubbed their views on me from childhood I never argued much with them just because I realized how cruel you are to me and how I obedient I am, I have decided to chose whatever I like. Just go to hell all the relatives who are asking me when I am getting married. I want to say fuck off on their face but didn’t tell due to the age I respect them. Next time I am not going to sit back and be calm, I have started giving back what everyone is giving me, now they are like why did she become so rebellious.

Post anonymously?

lol… wow I can see steam coming out of your ears.

Guess your parents are just trying too hard. But I am very very very sure that your happiness is part of the equation. I’m guessing you are Asian? I don’t know.

I just get the impression you are just not ready to settle down but your parents think otherwise. Since they are on a mission… if I’m in your shoes, I will strategize. If I have to endure the matchmaking meetings, I will think of it as looking for a best friend or a conversation partner. Tell your parents what type of person you prefer to meet. So even if you guys don’t end up together, you make a new friend.

Well, it’s good that you have decided to choose. And it’s also good that you are allowing them to showcase their selections. You never know.

Relatives on the other hand, are people you do not get to choose…there will be the mixed pain in the neck… just ignore whatever they say with a smile… as long as they don’t live in the same house… u get to escape after the meeting.

All the best to your dating adventures!