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I am shattered


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In short I am a disgrace to my family.
They love me but aren’t proud of me.


They are proud of you but they don’t show you, If they love you they are definitely proud of you. My parents never say they are proud of me and I have never achieved anything in my life like I am a complete loser but they know I am much better in person but they don’t show me.


Noones a disgrace to their own parents, its okay to feel low… take ur time and do the right thing.! Talk to them about ur likes and issues


I know you think that you are a disgrace and they arent proud of you but please go talk to them because i was in this situation but when i talked to them i realized i was wrong they just didnt show it often also it was myself and i had an expectation of how i thought they wanted me ¨the perfect daughter¨ but they never wanted me to be that. Take care!


Why do you think you are disgrace for your family.