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I am seriously tired of my mother and meeting up to her expectations. Ehatever i do is never enough for her. There is always someone better than me, prettier than me, active than me. She always beats me to submission. I am at a point that i no longer feel i am right abt anything. I always do wrong things. And that I don’t deserve to be loved. I know it’s wrong but she has drilled this inside my head.

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firstly, I am sorry to hear that and I am sorry that your mother thinks of you in this way.

you know I will tell you one thing, there is a friend of mine who is going through something similar, and you know what she does?
She has stopped caring about it, she stopped caring about it because she understood that she needs to make herself proud of whatever she does in life., she needs to carve a path of her own and become something she can be proud of and once you do that and are happy with what you do, no one can push you down.

You need to decide what you want from your life and how you want it. You need to make something of yourself and be contented with your decisions that even your mom wouldn’t be able to pull you down.
But you will have to be strong for that, strong for yourself coz that’s how you will be able to achieve what you want.


You know what you are right about? How you feel. What your mum is doing is wrong and it’s plain mean. Of course you do right things. And you definitely deserve to be loved!! Everyone does. You be you, and live your life the way you want to. It’s yours, not your mum’s. I hope things turn out well! Sorry if this isn’t helpful!!


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