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shreyansh @shrey004

I am scared of failure!! I am so scared that i give up on things before even trying because if I give my best and fail I wonโ€™t be able to live with myself but if I give up and failโ€ฆ At least I can tell myself that i failed because I didnโ€™t try I could easily clear it if I tried. This has become a habit of me and itโ€™s fucked my career. I canโ€™t stop. I donโ€™t know how to stop. Please help!!!

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T @dhiman


The fear of failure should always be smaller than the regret.

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Faith @megha2502


I am super glad that you realized that about yourself AND youโ€™re so eager to work on that. Now that itโ€™s a habit, any solution will be a tough one. But looking at the way you know yourself, I feel like you would know best. However, I would suggest you start small and maybe tweak your mindset and what failure actually means to you. Instead of looking at it as โ€œthe endโ€, hold on to the fact that sometimes you can โ€œredoโ€. You can always come back stronger and better. And in situations where failure looks like a full-stop, start a new story! What youโ€™re doing, not many can and Iโ€™m happy for you. I just know youโ€™ve got this, all the best, Shreyansh!


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