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navjot kaur @nav89ksm

I am sad today….my husband listened to me but never say anything which makes me feel bad…as I don’t know how he takes things regarding me….he doesn’t say even a word…even he changes my sharing thoughts immediately and talked about something which is not related to anything…which just pissed me offf….!!!

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navjot kaur @nav89ksm


Anon. @alee97

Have you tried asking him what are his thoughts or what he feels? Sometimes I am caught in the same situation. Its hard for my partner to communicate with me just because before me he wouldnt have anyone that will listen to him (parents, brothers, friends). It is very hard to express himself just because of the fact that he never did. It does suck when we try to talk about how we feel and they dont say anything and make it seem like they dont care I totally agree with that. But just remember we are all different people with different ways of thinking feeling and expressing. I recommend sitting with your husband and asking him what does he think and feel in these situations.


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