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I am really weird person ,I have one ability to make situation really awkward . I am not able to communicate with people in general . I am introvert . I can not deal with situation which are familiar. I fail to react at that point ,that is really awkward .Mostly I avoid one to one interaction with people so I do not really know how people react to particular situation .so I correlate the real life scene with movie , used to think people must have same reaction like movie scene .
but in real life is not so dreamy and colorful ,everyone is unique .so i am always confuse about interacting with people .I end up being in awkward situation. does anyone actually feel like this or i am the only one with weird thing…???

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hi. i used to be just like that. usually its because as introverts we tend to think more about little things unlike extroverts. we overthink greetings, eye contact and even conversational topics. But one little trick you can use when interacting with people is to try be calm, talk less,and be more attentive. People like to talk a lot about themselves especially extroverts as compared to introverts. All you haveto do is listen to what the person is saying and try respond less because usually introverts are not interested in talking that much. I hope this helps😍


you can not imagine how happy i am by reading this ,it just gave me sense belonging .there are people who think like me ,so it is normal. Thanks a lot for advice …😃


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