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shikha @rainbow6

I am really stressed about my exams
I really love to study but my environment and people around me see me as tool or an object that will bring respect through marks. They pressurize me so much that I feel overwhelmed. They make me believe that I am just a investment nothing else. When I talk to them about my mental health they say I am just making excuses to not study.

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kayal @kayalcutie


your mental health matter. Don’t worry about them. everybody face this issue during their studies, you are not the only one. so, don’t think hard. grades are not in our hand but our input does. worry about result make your potential less. So, think about the progress you made in your study routine and techniques not the progress in report card. I know you can made it through. Take proper rest and also monitor your health. we have more exam in our life but we have one life. Don’t stress about it too much. At the end, All that matter is you. Don’t push hard just walk in the flow. Take sometime to recharge yourself.


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