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I am really really ill tempered and most people around me are really very afraid of confronting me. I think my anger is a result of me over thinking and over analysing every single action of other people, and then just sitting on it forever. Even during a real argument I rarely ever address the real issue. Some days are good, but most days are just me angrily walking around waiting to start something with someone. This transference is biggest toxic trait and I’m trying to work on it. Because I know that I can’t control other’s actions, only mine

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I completely understand you as I went through the same. I was never expressive. I found it extremely difficult to express my feelings and thoughts which resulted in me bottling up every negative thought and feeling. It is very toxic. At that time I started exploring myself because I was getting frustrated of myself. I found out that art helped me in expressing myself. I made new things especially zentangle art and mandalas. After doing it, I felt light. It has completely turned me into a new person. You need to explore yourself and find out what is that thing that will help you express yourself without letting anybody know if you are not comfortable in sharing your feelings.

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When I began to suppress my ego and the belief that I could burst out on others by reason of my anger. I am changing.

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When someone not understand ur feelings pls keep quit and leRead more
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Hope Can Repair Every Damage Done by God and Sins.

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I don’t think I’ll ever have a good sleep schedule
I m very much dissapointed with my family.
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Try to find out what is that you need healing from.just sayiRead more
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Feeling sympathy for yourself and taking some time at times Read more
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