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I am really not doing well today. my husband had affair when my son was born, he accepted the mistake and said will never do it again. later now after 7 years he did it again. now promised will not talk to her. he is still talking to her because she is office colleague. he takes her help for everything. work, money, sex. he tells her everything happening in the home. i hate it and i want to get out of this life.
He says as long as i am in this job i have to talk to her. he is saying willnot talk to her personally.
But for every email, every work he does he is relying on her.
I am depressed want to leave him. he takes all my earnings and i donot have enough savings. even though i feel i have to move on.
with my son and daughter. howmany times i have to forgive him. now he is very cleaver to cheat me.

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Hi shanti,
Firstly try to understand whts the exact issue.
Q1) from when ur husband is losing interest in u, what could be the reason make a note of those.

Q2) Think twice before taking any big decision cause 2 more life are now depends on ur decision.

Q3) when u know he is a good cheater, make him realize his mistake by pretending how it feels when the position is switched.

Q4) He is not a good husband but is he a good father ?

Q5) Is their any common string which can attach u again.

their r much more aspects we can think about.
For any advise or help you can connect me on my gmail id:

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Collect the proofs of his cheatings and then leave him.
Also try to speak about this to your closed ones for support.


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