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I am really frustrated and sad and feeling helpless abt how my mom’s fears hold me back. I live in Himachal Pradesh and i was planning a trip to go to Manali with my friend whose gender happens to be a male and my mother says it’s not safe to go alone with a boy. Like he has been my friend from my first year college only and we are close and the only thing we do when we are together is watch together and make music and shoot videos and explore places around the campus.
we have come a long way, we have had our fights and all, but we are just two really good friends and my mother knows that but still she doesn’t trust guys.
She is like what will people say if they find out that you and a boy stayed together in a single room and you went to Manali like just the two of you.

I’m like mom we are brosssss
and honestly I don’t even like guys I’m into girls bruh😭 #beingqueer👀
Bro is just one of my best buddy but why does she not understand that
And honestly I don’t like to do things which my mom doesn’t approve of.
I like to go by being honest and with her permission but at the same time the urge to proof her fears wrong and go even if she doesn’t allow bec I hate being controlled.
I tried to assure her, I tried to talk to her and explain her and all but she and her old mindset is just stuck! It’s so annoying’

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watch cartoons together*


Mitr to ap kahiyega ki hum alag alag room mai rahenge jis sai wo bhi smjh jaye ki ap safe rahoge

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icareforyou @icareforyou

the best option is ask your other (girl) friends to join nd come, then it will be easy for you.


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