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1111mnfst @1111mnfst

I am really confused regarding my career. i have completed my master’s in political science. i work in public policy think tank but I am not liking working here . The pay is less , plus I hate my boss, even seeing or meeting him intimidates me to the core , initially he used to message me on Instagram and informally tried to initiate conversations , I never gave attention and even left him on read but now , these incidents have given me paranoia of working with him. recently the company has been given grant of giving out phds, my boss demand in order to do that i have to work here for 5 years , i cant even think of me working here for another 5 months. i hate each day .
Apart from this job if i take a drop and sit at home i would have to pursue upsc since it’s my paremt’s wish and also mine but i feel like if i take a drop year ill over think and put my brain into a mess since i would not be earning
i don’t understand whats right for my career. continue work , PhD or upsc
i feel like crying everyday cant makeup my mind into one thing

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anuj @anujvohra


Continue your job …meanwhile try to find another job which could be similar to that. Try to connect with senior colleague in office if you have, if they are facing similar issues. Upsc study will take efforts ,decide if you can live with it.

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