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Shivam @shivam1

I am only 22 and I got this wonderful opportunity to start new business of importing goods from China. I thought that finally my parents don’t need to worry for me now but as i imported Bluetooth speaker in my next container my firm got red alert in the custom office I had to pay fine, double duties and the choice which custom gave me was to re-export goods or they will destroy all the Bluetooth speaker this happened because of my custom clearing agent he cheated me all the paperwork my custom clearing agent handed had some certificate problem it has been more than 8 months I lost 22lakhs in this business I don’t what to do know how will I earn the money I lost, how to get more money from parents to start something new I am completely hopeless will I ever be able to take such risk involved in business and I was not at all good in studies so I won’t get any good job too

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Hey! Do not worry. The path that you have chosen will have a lot of ups and downs but you cannot let it get to you. It’s all about β€œFall down 7, stand up 8” You need to learn from your failures and then try again. All the very best!

Thomas @thomas


Don’t give up. You will face downfalls but you will gain momentum and get success. keep working hard :)

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Kartik @kartik


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