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I am not very well
the covid19 lockdown has spiralled out of control
I feel bad whenever I procastionate
Especially since I am a year 8 student
I have been goofing off while the school gave me work
I do not do my school work cause there is too much

Now my parents are angry with me cause I gave them a bad report card(first time)
My parents cancelled my netflix and now I cannot watch anime since it is a HUGE HUGE STRESS RELIVER for me
I feel like I am dying
My MUM now hates me
everyone gets better grades than me
I feeel sad and regretful
Please help me

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Thanks for sharing this
Covid is a difficult situation for all of us and its not at all easy ofcourse and it might get difficult to concentrate on your studies or in any kind of work you do and might a fact your daily routine but also we got to know that it we will have to live with the same situation for a little more longer so we need to have some solutions or some proteins that work out for us and to have a balance of our emotions and our work at once.
Your parents don’t really hate you they are more concerned about you.
Now what you can do it maybe try setting goals for yourself and work according to to the Google or have a timetable for yourself which is balanced or maybe try to meditate which will help you to stay calm atleast.
Take care πŸ’


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