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I am not that ok right now, everything is just hard idk I’m just tired and I really don’t know what to do I’m depressed and honestly, life is shitty rn, ik that I should be grateful which I am because I get to eat every day, I get to go to school, and I have a roof on top of my head, etc. but life just gets shittier every day (sorry for cussing) I just want to scream and ask why me? why am I not ok? I just want to be happier. I’m scared of what will happen if I really open up ykwim? I am in class rn and I just feel like I have no energy in my body. I am insecure as heck, I look at myself and I say why does all of them look so beautiful and you don’t? I always compare myself at school, at home everywhere I say to myself every day why can’t you just be like them smart, beautiful, and happy?

If you are reading this and you are also not ok, I will tell you the truth right now, it won’t always go your way and it doesn’t always get easier or better for everyone, and the truth is it gets harder but be ok even though it’s hard because believe it or not there are people that will not be ok when you let go so if your not gonna do it for yourself do it for the people that love you, care for you, and need you. I hope that we will all be ok someday:l

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