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I am not sure what I want. Yes, I cheated on my bf. But he had no time for me. I was all alone and very emotionally drained… I needed him but he was busy with friends.He had his things on priority. I had lots of time issue. We loved one another. I know he loved me… but when ever he was free or wanted to talk then only he called me. I called him he was always busy and with friends or game. I was feeling all alone… But yes I know we loved eachother.but when I lost my father for my family he stood like a pillar… he visited my home twice in 2months… But then he didn’t even asked me you ok?. In short he was quite immature and over emotional… he is least in taking responsibility.

I am not sure we call off our relationship or what to do… We had 3 yrs together in college and 3yr in long distance… total 6… Please help me.

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Dear, what’s important is how you feel about the relationship at this point. Ask yourself, Am I happy with him? If not, why? Do I have to continue with him? Will it do more harm than good? If you feel like the best option is giving up on the relationship, do it. Just because someone had been considerate to you at a certain point of time, you need not put up with him throughout your life. People change, priorities change. If you feel like he has changed over time, let him go. Don’t forcefully make him stay. At the end of the day, all what matters is your happiness and peace of mind. Stay happy!


Whole day iam strong and I know maybe he won’t change… these issues I had since 6years
. It is just at night, I miss him and feel is he ok?. How is he holding up. I miss him alot.


I can’t comment much on this. But I had a friend like him and yes, it’s emotionally draining and I love her. Her text messages are short and it’s as if she was replying just to make sure she was replying. There was no content. Her behaviour lasted for two years and I kept feeling angry and sad until I decided to cut her off my life. I deleted her contact number and our chat after that because it takes a toll on my emotions for how worthless she made me feel. I didn’t cut her off immediately because I thought my friendship with her should last longer and there were times where she treated me good but for the times I were frustrated with her outnumbered the times I felt good with her. That’s why I cut her off.

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