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i am not happy living with my mother anymore. we always fight even in small things and this last fight is worse because we are not talking for this past 6 months already. i dont have a choice to move to another house because me and my husband dont have one… i dont know but my feelings for her is like nothing anymore…she always make a way to pissed me off and sometimes i cant control my temper…

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I get what you feel i have the same problem with my own parents
What you can talk to your husband
Please don’t talk with him about moving out tell him your problem and see what he has to say

Another way to move out is to find job in another city or state where you can start afresh for now


thank you so much for the advice… but my husband was the one taking care of his family’s farm that’s why we cannot move to another city… that is why i feel stuck here or the rest of my life…and i have a 2 yrs old baby to take care thats why i cannot find a work…


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