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I am not feeling good. I am having anxiety attacks and it’s becoming difficult for me to move on from my break, which happened 11 months back. At times I desperately want to come out of this situation and at times I feel so stuck. We were in a relationship for 5 years and suddenly one day he decided to get married to some other girl who was just a random girl/ some unknown girl. I hate to accept the fact that he is gone and he is married now. I still think about him a lot…

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Of course it’s hard. 5 years is no joke. You can’t just love someone that long and unlove him/her in 11 months. Letting go is the first step is always the hardest one. Don’t push yourself and give it time. You said you want to get out of it and I hope it means you are willing to heal from the pain and move on with life. Without him. That is already a feat. You are strong for being that kind of person. People are as strong as their weakest points and you can only be as weak as you allow yourself to be. As long as you want it, you can.


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