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I am not feeling good as my last 10 years dream broke in just few seconds i wanted to become a doctor by taking science tream after 10th but my parents talked to me and told it would require alot of money we cant offord it and i should take commerce instead so i can become a bank manager

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Tanya Singh @dbtanya01

Being passionate about something and then not being able to follow it is really painful. I think you should talk to your parents, tell them how passionate and dedicated you are towards your goal. Tell them what it means to you. I’m sure they will understand and will change their mind. Convince them that you will work hard to be the best in this field. Also, do some research about various government medical colleges that are not very expensive yet are very good. Tell your parents about these colleges, and I’m sure they will change their mind. Just talk to them!!
All the best


Thanku so much for this much motivation!! I am sure it will help me…😊


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