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I am not enough for my family. Long story short, I have no romance anymore, I’m always wrong apparently, and it was only when my wife left town that I truly felt like a family with my kids. Divorce is on the table between me and my therapist but how can I tear apart my family like that? I sprained my ankle today and instead of loving and caring I got “you know it’s okay to actually cry” (I’ve had an earring disorder I’ve just gotten under control with CrossFit over the passed two months and I’ve lost weight and gained muscle…finally proud of myself), and she even said that right around thanksgiving prep/cleaning time, I’m always “unavailable” (this year because of my ankle, others because I am working), and it hurt…

Do I love her, sure. Am I in love with her? No, I don’t think so. Could I be again? Yes, definitely. When/how? If she could change…will she………? 🤷‍♂️ Or……am I the one who is fucked up?


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Renata @renataismyname

How difficult it seems to be to love without expectations. To be loved without feeling there are expectations. I’m sorry you are going through this. It seems it is the sort of dilema that has no right or wrong answer. Do what you have to do in order to feel at peace with who you are, as a person, parent, partner, worker. You deserve to feel worthy, like you are enough. You are enough, even if you don’t believe it.


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