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Homyar Printer @bawaboy

I am not being able to sleep for a few days now. I have a lot on my plate and gotten really busy which I good I guess cause I keep my mind of her. Everyday the whole day something or the other reminds me of her. I want to go back to her but I don’t know if I should. She made me miserable at times but now I feel like I deserve the pain and not her.

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How she makes you miserable?

Homyar Printer @bawaboy

Well she lies to me about every single thing when she doesn’t, she doesn’t want me to talk to any girl but she doesn’t want me to be in a relationship with me. She has had a rough childhood and life and I want to do whatever in my power to make her happy but she is making it impossible for me and I have a problem, that is to make everyone happy. It’s difficult to sleep it’s difficult to work it’s difficult to even do something fun. The things that used to make me happy before now don’t.


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