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I am not at all getting what’s happening actually in my life. I am 28 and from past 6 years my parents are trying to get me hitched. Not even a single one goes till to next level. Either they say I am either not good enough or some dont like the dowry we give they need some crores. I don’t really understand why when I am a working women I have to give some crores and why do they expect me to give same dowry as their non working bahu. I am not really into this marriage from beginning but at one point these assholes are making me feel bad and doubt my self. And I am like from last year your wish whoever you like I am ok but still i don’t think I have a love life. My bf broke with me saying his family is not ok for intercaste marriage.
I clearly know marriage is not the outmost thing to do and it’s about Finding a partner to share your life with. But may be I am designated to be alone. All my friends even boys are also getting married. All my school friends,clg and job frnds are married and making me feel I am worthless. Why can’t people agree everyone’s life runs on different timelines not all things happen just because in someone life it does.
I am into the thought now no one really tries or ready to get settled with me. I started concentrating on myself and learning to be alone. But i feel bad when someone questions my parents about my marriage and they get disappointed. Its ok to be alone but sometimes I also feel how life is when I have a partner.

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I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling this way. It’s important to remember that societal expectations and pressures can be challenging to navigate. Your worth isn’t defined by your relationship status or whether you’re married. It’s great that you’re focusing on personal growth and learning to be comfortable on your own. Remember that everyone’s journey is unique, and comparing yourself to others might not be productive. If you’re open to it, seeking support from friends or family can provide you with valuable perspectives and coping strategies. You can also DM me if you want to discuss it further Your happiness and well-being are what truly matter.

Karthik @great_whisper_2

Hey am 47 and am in the same state or mindset … till a certain age I was afraid to get marked and in the later stage sm unable to find a match

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