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I am not able to move on at all please help me I miss him a lot idk what to do its been four months I just keep crying whenever I am alone I can’t sleep I don’t eat I am not the person I used to be anymore

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Vaishali @vaishalivarsh


Hey Anonymous! If you cant contact him ., let it be., See there are two things: 1. If you want to go back and if both love each other, than be together. 2 . else bhul jao koshish kro and aage badho., life m sb kuch possible h. try meditation on god or take 21 day challenge by Sri sri ravi shankar


Lol everybody feels this way. I did too. The way I got over my relationship was actually using rebound sex. I used to miss him so much and everytime I did, I would just talk to other guys to forget about it. Honestly people said it’s unhealthy but enjoy being in a free space. When you get time, work on improving yourself physically and mentally. This will leave you basically any free time to think about him. Download tinder or bumble. I used to cry about my ex for 10 mins and then swipe on hot guys to forget about him. Totally worked for me. Engaged to be married to a guy I met 8 months after I broke up. Started off as a fling and turned into the best relationship of my life. Enjoy your life girl.


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