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I am no longer waiting for her reply its fine i said what i felt and its not like she doesn’t care she cares yrrr , its just going through really bad phase in her life , i wanted to be with her , i am with her, its just she needs space may be from everyone for her well being, still yrr i don’t know why i think this much , i know she is strong she ll get through , All i wanted her to be happy jaise marji ho bs happy nothing else i want , I am just wondering yrr what’s going on with kya bolti ho krun usko call ?

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i am confused 🫀

anonymous @halfofmysoul


I can totally understand, i want to talk to my ex so badly too pr unko hamari jarurat nahi hai yaar. Mtlb agr hum takleef mai hote toh hakk se chahte ke wo hamare sath ho. Wo hamara sath nahi chahte kyunki wo hume itna important nahi samjhte. If you cant control call her but be prepared to know she still probably didnt want you by her side.

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