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I am new here and went searching for a site where I can just be heard. I am very private and because of this I have little to no friends. I have daddy issues and he obviously has issues with me. I consider my boyfriend to be my best friend but he is soo self-centered and i was blind to it in teh past but I know completely who is towards me. My father did some very vindictive things trying to end my relationship with my boyfriend but assisting his mother to hate me, which was the start to many of our problems. Right now, I am smiling but I am not ok. My boyfriend has beaten me 3 times over the span of 4 years and the last time he did it, I stabbed him with a scissors. I felt so awful, because of what could have happened if it had landed somewhere more detrimental. His family thought I was the offender in the situation and didn’t even want to hear what i had to say, they all know of his temper but its my fault he beats me or it my fault he gets mad, SMH. There is no ease. I don’t even want to win anything. I just want some peace and I don’t know why I am punishing myself by staying. I feel stuck honestly. No Job, no home and nobody to turn to. #WaitingtoExhale

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Hey listen, no matter what happens. You can’t let anyone treat you like this okay? You cannot let anyone beat you up. I’M SO PROUD OF YOU THAT YOU STABBED HIM WITH A PAIR OF SCISSORS. Please do not punish yourself. You have to put your self respect first. For know do hell with him and his family okay? You’re strong enough to keep all this aside and start fresh. Remind yourself that you’ve tolerated so much, faced so much, got beaten up thrice and hence you are so so so strong. Hats off buddy. You’re an extra strong person and I want you to invest this strong personality on yourself and start doing what you like. Start working for yourself, start taking care of yourself. Then see the miracles life gives you.


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