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I am needing some advise about a situation that happened in my life…

I recently had my son in March my baby shower was in February which I wasnt all that excited about it but we ended up having one anyways (which ladies I do not regret VERY HELPFUL) My cousins originally wanted to throw me one but my boyfriends mother (Chad is boyfriend & Lisa is mother) wanted to do it which was completely fine! So time gets closer to the day and I’m starting to realize nothing is being planned Ofcourse being 8 months pregnant start getting concerned well I told Lisa if she needed help I would LOVE TO HELP and my cousins would have loved to help also. She didn’t ever take anyone up on the offer so I was thinking she had it handled, night before the shower we get a text from the mother of chads daughter saying “Hey I’m here helping your mother with your baby shower she is super stressed just wondering if you could pick me up some diapers” … that’s fine, we pick up the diapers & head to his mothers house to drop off the helium tank for the balloons and diapers Ashley asked for I said “Ashley’s asked for these just wanted to drop them off” she THEN tells “oh she came by to help with the shower”… OKAY THATS FINE BUT TELL ME WHY whenever I get there only thing done is table covers & some random balloons all over the floor… granted yes she had a cake made & organized the games well I GIVE HER PROPS thank you I do greatly appreciate it…

Just not sure how to feel about it, I feel as if the mother plays both sides. I feel like she takes my information & tells her my business simply because one incident after I had my son while I was at the hospital Chad leaves & our car breaks down Ashley’s texts his phone saying “sorry about your car” why does she need to know OUR business… The mother has also sat down and told me Ashley’s business so I guess that’s where the trust issues come in.

Please comment how YOU would feel & maybe something I can do to get over this.

Post anonymously?

I can absolutely how this can make you feel insecure! It’s not right of her to share the information and transport it from here and there !

I hope this gets better , and if really bothers you I recommend you talking to Chad about this… because this can create a wedge in relationship… I hope this helps ♥️♥️


So Chad is your boyfriend and Ashely is his daughter?
Lisa is your Mother-in-Law.

Just to be sure before commenting anything.


Chad is boyfriend
Mother is Lisa
Ashley is mother of boyfriends daughter.


So, talk to your boyfriend about all this. Ashley shouldn’t be even involved in all this. However we do understand Chad’s daughter if she knows.

There are people who tell everything about their house to others but we shouldn’t. After a point, you must confront Lisa that she shouldn’t and it’s not in anyone’s interest too. Some things needs to be done the harsh way else they don’t understand the gravity of it and continue doing so without even realizing stuff.