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I am much too old i think to feel like i do. 47! And still have not learned. Let me start at the problem: i am married, we have been together 10 years. My husband is great, works hard, loves me. But works alot. Is tired. And i am very alone. I had a male friend for the past 3 years. We recently crossed the line. Now, he (male friend) has ignored every text, message, etc. Wont talk to me at all. He is in a relationship too. Well, fine. I get it. But it compounds my feelings of lonliness. Again, my husband comes home, sleeps, goes to work. Our sex life is zip. I feel so old, ugly, useless and just done. I never thought my “friend” would turn on me like he did. It hurts. Being somewhat ignored by my husband hurts. Just tired of being and feeling this way. Do i just settle for nothing? Do i get counseling? Do i find a new fling? So lost. …

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Try talking to him. Try counseling. If you want to save your marriage, try to find help. I see you said he loves you, but you didnt say you love him. If you are truly done with the relationship, part ways. You have to think about you and your needs.


I’m in a somewhat similar situation with my wife and can say if you do nothing you will only feel worse. Aside from voicing my concerns. I’ve started giving my wife more non sexual physical attention like massages and trying to be patient.


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