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poison 3333 @ashish333

I am missing my older self, was betrayed by one girl and start doing drugs nd all before that I never somked even a single cigarette. Now I am like a cold hearted chainsmoker.

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All the boys always blame girls that " she did this that’s why I am like this right now" you know naa how girls are , then why did you started it … You have mind but you wanna be like the guys in movies who broke up and drink , smoke…
There is time you leave this now also if you try…


Cowards go for smoke n drugs but the self realized guy seek for wisdom in the enlightmnent under god


Bro whatsover be your religion
One suggestion only read bhagvat gita n u will get your better old version which u r looking for

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xioaxi you @xaoxi

Hmm I don’t know what to say but one thing she is the one who lost you why do u even have to care I know it hurts but there are so many who wants your friendship… who wants your love…u can’t change yourself just for one person…there is a saying…
When you look at others there is someone looking at you…
Weather its in love or life everything counts

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