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I am missing how we used to spend time together, missing how he used to pay attention to me and would do anything to meet me , now things have changed he doesn’t even give a crap , it’s been 2 months since we’ve spent quality time together , he doesn’t seem to care. I feel like crying as I do not want anyone else. Is there a way for him to go back to the way he was 🥲 . Manifesting a great great sex life ahead and lots of love from him. 🥺

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He’s not in love anymore…it’s evident

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He gone.
If he hasn’t talked about it and just idk mahn distanced himself it’s better you also start detaching yourself because wishing that back will only hold you back from something or someone better in life, someone who will be consistent and if he feels different will share it with you. yeah mahn don’t waste your time here. Wish him the best and look after yourself and your needs.


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