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I am married woman and i have marroed tge person of my dreams . But i think i am a monster and i am mentally ill.i feel low and in anxiety
I love him.since 7 years and there was a girl in pur college who used to put so much pressure on me to leave him. he used to flirt on him. she is better than me in every possible way. my bf now hubby used to help her in her studies , even wished her bday
i feel so pained as she has actually bullied me and my bf keeps on helping her
this is so bad that i get her night mares i feel very insecure i feel very bad i feel rejected she come eveywhere i am so afraid of her i just cant forgive her
everything good happens to her
if i complain to my hubby he says i dont trust him and i am a negative person and says lots of bad th8gs abt me
i know i have some problems and my husband is honest and he loves me but still i cant let her off my mind
everytime, i feel bad and in anger if i mention her, my husband thinks i am mad at her still
please help me
i am so devastated
i feel i am good for nothing
i am mentally sick and wounded

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First of all believe in your self, it happens that one feel insecure when someone is better than us. Even I feel sometimes. The beat you can do is built yourself.
Educate yourself, read books, learn painting, cooking or dancing or anything that interests you.
Improve yourself, get groomed, try new hairstyle and be happy from Inside. That comes when you work on yourself and you see improvement.
The process will be difficult as you have to self motivate and push forward.
And one day you will feel proud of yourself and be more confident. And you will be your own unique person and you won’t compare with anyone.
Stay positive
Love yourself
And push yourself for better
Take care and bless you.


Hey girl no one is better than you no one can ever be you. you are the best in all way do one thing everyday wake up with a smile wear beautiful cloths put the best makeup the best perfume give love to your husband don’t make yourself so low make yourself so worthy because you’re worthy beside that do meditation for at least 30 mins in a day take care of your physical health as well as your mental health go for walk everyday be energetic and happy everyday you’re important and loving and try to become the better version of you and forget others and become careless towards what bothers you…


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