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I am live in village I do preparation for gov job.i crack it but unfortunately I am not reached a marrite .and I am not selected .in village people eyes always on me why he everyone considerd me .he all are always judge me .first issue is I have no any friends because there is narrow minded people they onley discuss about others weakness I don’t wanna be a waste and useless person .I pretend like I have no any issue by him .they sucks me .I waiting for days when I become independent

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Why do u want govt job ??


no significance of my degree in private sector because I have onley b.a degree in economics.and my financial situation is weak so when was I completed my twelth I start a work with my father on construction side.and i do study with it.


Why u don’t explore other options ??


Log to tb b bolege jb kuch Acha kroge or tb b bolege jb bura kroge
Or yhi log jb Apka bura tym hoga Apka Kbhi sath bhi nhi denge to Ase logo ki baton p dhyan ku dena
Most of us face prblms of having Frnds in life I understand
It’s okay
Sb thik hojyga
U will become successful soon


Right bro

This thought has been deleted by the thought author

I wish you will success verry soon…


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