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I am just depressed like any other day…but the sadness I’m feeling today is something else, I feel like I am slowly dying inside. I was planning on going to a therapist at the age of 18 so when I leave my home but it feels so tiring to be here, it feels like I am slowly suffocating. I don’t have any interest in any of my hobbies anymore all I do is play video games, sleep, and do hw at the very last minute, I wasn’t like that but I guess I’m drifting away from the things I loved to do. I really want to change that but it’s really hard too…I promise I am trying but I always feel like giving up, I keep feeling like all my effort is not worth it for anyone…I don’t even get the “good job you did good” or “I am proud of you to keep it up” non of my parents say these things to me. I want to prove them wrong and that I can do it, but without their support, I feel numb and stupid for even trying something I tried many times but failed. It’s not my first time trying to keep up the good work. I just want to be happy…I want to be okay again

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Here I am, the greatest introvert in town talking to you… Did you know the fact that you aren’t the only one feeling the same way… It is absolutely fine to feel this way. The greatest thing you did was the fact you opened up about your problems. Nowadays people hide their emotions but you found a way to let that dam flow. In my opinion it’s great time to normalise the outflow of emotions… Its so humane… And you are humane…
You maybe drifting away from things because you have lost interest in it… Try out new things…like maybe workout or binge watch… spending time with your fav cousin or go for a mini trip… It’ll surely help you boost…

You know most parents never acknowledge children’s attempts in a way to make them stubborn and help them in standing on their own foot… They belong to the old generation… from my experience they find it hard to express emotions😁😁😁
Let’s just ignore the fact that your parents didn’t appreciate you outwardly… they would be so proud of you inside… Just take some time and appreciate yourself cause that is what matters…

Whatever you do, never stop doing your good work…


Thank you, no one has told me they are proud of me in a really long time, I won’t give up and I will do my best thank you🥰


Hey! First of all, let me tell you “you are amazing” no matter how bad a situation you are going through.
What you mentioned above, I am going through the same things as well. Mostly during this lockdown, we have all started to feel the same thing, so let me tell you, you are not alone.
Maybe go out, even if you dont feel like, push yourself. Get some air. Do the things you love to, and if you feel lazy it is okay, but just give yourself a nudge! Even if it is a small thing do it, do something that makes you really happy! And… tell this to yourself ‘I am proud of myself’
Yes!! This may sound a little crazy at first, but hey… who cares right… appreciate yourself and you ll slowly see things elevate for you ❤


Being told “you are amazing” made me feel happier about myself, I will try my hardest to prove my parents wrong, I will do it…thank you
I hope you have a nice day/weekend😊


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