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mike @dhruv_01

I am introvert plus i got anxiety it’s really getting on my nerve and makes me depressed sometimes people tend to not interact with me because they think i got attitude and honestly i don’t . People always ask me why i am quite ?but it’s difficult for me to explain it to them that unless ik them well i can’t interact because i got anxiety.But due to this i am not able to interact as well .I can speak in front of a group i got no problem with that but when its one to one conversation i find it really hard and often feel uncomfortable my parents keep forcing me to explore and talk with all strangers i meet they often tell me i won’t be successful because i am quite shy and introverted inspite of having no problem to address a group my academic achievements and my skills .A girl asked me out on a date and due to my anxiety i could not even tell her anything.All these thoughts make me really depressed will i ever be successful will I die alone with nobody to love me…

i won’t be successful because i am shy quite and introverted inspite of me having the req akiips and performing really well in my college there are strangers

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Tan3 @tanu_shree


Choose a career path where u don’t need to interact tht much




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