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I am inexperienced in relationships. I have had a few crushes in the past but they did not like me that way. I am thirty now and have been meeting guys in arrange marriage setup but I have seen all extremes. People demanding too much, being overly conservative, zero common interests, some too eager to get married, and many more still stuck in the old way of thinking. There have been a few that I ended up liking but I have faced rejections from them. So, now I am worried that I might never find the one for me. Overtime, my friends have drifted apart. I don’t have any close family membere to count on. The loneliness and fear of oblivion hits really hard occassionally and I am now worried that I’ll be alone forever. I have always dreamt about spending my life with someone I could love, but now it seems like it may never happen. I am inexperienced in dating and I am too shy and scared to try it out.

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You Are One Decision Away from a Completely Different Lifeβ€”Mel Robbins.
Just do it. If you are scared that means you are going to do some great stuffs. Being scared is pretty normal but dont let them stop you from what you deserve. Try dating once atleast.

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Simran @st1199


We always land up with someone in our life. But we also need to put in efforts for the one we are looking for. How else will we meet them, right?

When you like somebody approach them maybe they like you too and you will find everything you wanted in a man of your life.


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