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I am in the social media marketing team and i know how to do my job very well. But my seniors don’t believe that. We always are in conflict. They always interfere in my work and that really really frustrates me. I am going to leave this job if they don’t change

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oh goddd!!! The never-ending problem!!! I think all of us go through this once in a while. I really believe you should have a talk with your manager about this, calmly and kindly when you’re a little more chilled out.

Salim @salim

You need to smartly find a way to get to your seniors and make them believe in you, slowly and gradually. That’s upto you

Khushboo @khushboo

Hey, why are you thinking to leave your job? You are handling a very nice position in that organisation and the best thing is that you are confident regarding your job. But believe in me, seniors are just meant to frustrate all of us . Let their interference don’t affect you anymore. This doesn’t mean that you change your job because of them.


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