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I am in the point of life where I love someone damn truly but I am not able to tell her that I love her a lot but we talk a lot text a lot and we make sure to make each other smile when stressed out about small things in life
Can someone tell me what to do

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Aisa lag rhi h mai meri hi story sun rha hu school life ki …😃

I can feel it ,
Sach kahu to mujh me bhi guts nhi tha …
Par regret h ki kash hota to …

Bss usko pass jao or jo dil mai sab kah do … apni pyari si smile ka sath …
One day if she really deserve you … you both will be together 💖


Aagar yeh mere school life mai hotha tha tho I would have not spoken about it on this platform
But I am at the age of marriage and confused about it now

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Schae @kaiimarley__

Tell her…let her know how you feel…you only have this one life and for how long is not promised…what if she feels the same way about you? And if she doesn’t that’s okay you’ve lived in your truth and you can still be friends….see yourself for all your good qualities and all you have to offer and if she accepts that then life’s great and if it’s not for her then that’s fine someone else will eventually !


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