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I am in relationship wid by bf for d last 4 yrs. Both of us love each other alot. In d frst yr we used to be very happy . We talk for hours and i was really very happy. In d 2nd yr he got a night duty in his job and i was in 9-6 job. Due to his job, as in working hours, ph was not allowed , we talked less . Maximum 10 mins a day but still i was not upset or i had any regret because we love each other alot. In d meanwhile , i started talking to one of my office staff who was my senior . I generally talked him just as a frnd. We mostly talk abt offc and little bit about family. Frst we used to chat on wapp and later on ph calls too. But that chats and ph calls were very normal. One day he told me that he like me and after listening this i was very upset becz i am already engaged and he was even married and a father of 2yr old baby. For the next two or three days he was on leave . He tried to contact me and talked me but i ignored him. I told all dis to my bf and he told me to abuse him and i told him accordingly.when he came from his leave i was ignoring him. But i had to talk to him about work and after work we used to go home by same bus as our working hours was same. He texted me sorry messages and i thought he was genuinely sorry and we again started talking. But wid d tym i got attracted towards him too, even after knowing dat he is married and a father too. We go to offc together and coming back home together too. we used to do video calls and shared our pictures. Somehow i was knowing dat all this was totally wrong. But i never meant to increase problems in his married short i was in not in anyway to make his lyf problematic. As earlier i have shared his no to my bf too. And one night when i and my offc staff were chatting , my bf come to know about dis. I cried a lot and promised him to not to talk to him again.but still we were chatting secretly. My bf lovs me alot so he told me to forget all dis
I understood all dat. But still i was talking to him( offc staff). All this took a year and he got transferred to other place. Me and my bf have so many quarrels but he never left me. Always wid me. And after transfer i started to ignore him but i could not. I abuse him many times. Even i have blocked him but i often check his profile and see his dp and last seen. His wyf posts pictures wid him on fb and i thought he is very happy wid his wyf but my relation wid my bf lost dat charm. We still love each other alot. But our chat has slow down. Merely we talk 10 mins a day. And not much to talk. I cannot imagine my lyf wid him. On d other hand i am not able to forget him( offc staff). As i already said i chk his dp and all.i started thinking abt him . I really want to forget him and move on and live happily wid my bf as we are planning to get married next year.pls pls pls guide me .

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hello sister, i read your story and point of view. I feel in long relationship, it happen after some time not that much excitement is left and it sometimes get a litle boring. So then, when we feel attract to other man, it is normal. But it is important to know what islove. love is pure and true. it is your responsibility. your bf is good man, he do his duty and care for you and even understand your feelings for other man. But offc staff is also not bad man, but maybe he too is bored in his marriage a bit. he has a child, and it will be so difficult to grow up without father or new father. this is just attraction between you and offc staff, it is not love. it is okay if you have it, but don’t act on it. control your desire for your own good. think about the good life you can have with your bf if you get the time to do things together. just try to think about it and don’t leave your bf in hurry. when you have thought and still feel like you don’t want to spend the rest of your life with your bf, then you should think about someone new but try to not break the home of the ofc staff family man, if he could not be loyal to his wife, he will not be loyal to you as well. think about your future and think about your own good and not about desires. Because desires will fade away, but true love will last. just think clearly, just think that if my friend told me this story about herself, what will i advice to her…


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