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Demoninme @demoninme

I am in love with a guy…who’s my boss…who is also married…its a mess…? The only thing which is great is that he loves me too… I am not here to discuss the marriage point, its the professional thing… We both are of same age but he is fully settled (professionally, and personally as well…?) but am not…I have failed to get settle in life, so am still trying… My professional life, 5 years of under-grad+post-grad, then one year job search then again one year post-grad cert course then 8 month job then again 8 months into job search then getting this job in which even after 8 months not a single significant result to showcase ((Hmmm lots of 8ss…?)… Work failure topped with a romantic relationship with my boss. My boss who, most of the time, is disappointed in me… And my boyfriend (same person) trying not to look disappointed and embarrass due to my professional failure (or at least that’s what I think)… Can a person be there with you when you are trying to get settle professionally??? Because even when I was in groom hunting my experience was that guys don’t want to be there with you in this journey… Earlier this used to make me angry… but now I just accepted this fact… But is it true??

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Hey, the only thing that matters is that YOU are there with YOU. No matter another person believes in you or not, you have to believe in yourself and go through this journey by yourself. Once you start believing in yourself and start working on and towards your goals, there is no going back. Automatically other people will start believing in you because they’ll know that nothing can shake your confidence. If someone is with you, they have to be with you through thick and thin. They cannot be there only in the good times.


Just think about his wife


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